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SYLVIA PLATH: THE BELL JAR • with English subtitles
27th 11 Wednesday 7:30 pm / 11th 01 Saturday 7:30 pm
Esther Greenwood’s life could be the epitome of the American dream. At 20, she arrives in New York, with all the doors opening in front of her, surrounded by a whirl of professional success, receptions and celebrities. Still, she feels incapable of measuring up. She looks for the flaw in herself, and as a result of her merciless self-examination, she is slowly consumed by her worsening anxiety.
Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar is a much-analysed and much-quoted cult classic of the 20th century. In part, the story, inspired by her own life, exposes with brutal honesty the stages of becoming a woman. Yet, it is also a rendering of the transitional period from adolescence to adulthood that is filled with insecurity, an expression of inner fears and a search for self-identity of elemental power.

DIGGERDRIVER – COMING TO LONDON • with English subtitles
06th 01 Monday 7:30 pm
The text of the performance is based on the blog of the Diggerdriver and was edited by László Bagossy and Attila Epres.
“I’m a heavy machine operator. More commonly: an excavator. Here in London: a digger driver. My language skills are barely above basic. I din’t come here to try my luck, but to insure a better life for my eight-year-old child and to earn a decent wage for myself. I could have vegetated the rest of my life till retirement. After all, my job was certain. I’d reached the top of my field. Then, as the years went by, there was less and less in my shopping basket, and I had to pay more and more for it. A sort of hopelessness and lethargy settled in the country, which was downright smothering. When someone leaves his home, it’s like when he leaves the woman he stammered out ‘I do’ for, who somehow after the divorce becomes a stupid whore. There are calm divorces and endlessly bitter ones. Afterwards, though, we like to see ourselves as used-and-abused victims, and we love to tell everyone about it...”

GHETTO SHERIFF • in English language
29th 11 Friday 7:30 pm / 10th 12 Tuesday 7:30 pm
How can we talk about the biggest trauma of the 20th century, the Holocaust?
According to the renowned director, János Mohácsi and his former students we can do so with the help of Jewish jokes and songs, documents from the 30’s and 40’s, and by reciting them – in pitch darkness. The texts were selected by János Mohácsi and the actors together, predominantly from personal reminiscences. Texts from the film Shoah by Claude Lanzmann as well as many other sources were used, such as case studies, survivor testimonies, literary works, diary notes, historical sources, official reports and personal collections to evoke the historical period and the mood of the time. (80 minutes in total darkness.)

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: HAMLET • with English subtitles*
03th 12 Thursday 7:00 pm / 28th 01 Tuesday 7:00 pm
Who is Hamlet? That he is the Danish prince, son of the recently deceased king, is certain. All else is an enigma. If something unjust happens to us, we feel justified in taking revenge – naturally, within the confines of the law. But what if there are no legal means at our disposal, because the criminal’s identity is uncertain, and our only witness is a ghost? Who is Hamlet? A lunatic, or a skillful play-actor? A depressed man incapable of action, or just a coward? That he is is the Danish prince, son of the recently deceased king, is certain. All else is an enigma.

ARTHUR MILLER: DEATH OF A SALESMAN • with English subtitles*

Willy Loman spends an increasing amount of time in the past, on the border of fantasy and reality. He no longer earns money, and there are no reserves. His sons are good-for-nothing layabouts with big plans that he himself planted in their heads. He also had big plans – money, praise and happiness – but all it amounted to was 300 monthly instalments on the bank’s payment plan. Dreams remained dreams – and they devoured the little future that remained.

* The subtitles can be seen from the balcony.
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