Csoda és Kósza

Zoltán Czigány

Csoda és Kósza

A performance for children and young people from age 7 till 15. We recommend this performance for elementary school pupils.
Date of presentation: 2013.11.24.


poster designer

plan: Baranyai András
Csoda and Kósza live on a farm in Gödöllő, near Budapest. At first sight, they look ordinary horses, owned by Uncle Sajó and Aunt Gyöngyi.  But do normal horses make pizza for a minister, or make a journey to Mars if they feel like it?
In the characters of the foolish Kósza and the more rational Csoda, Zoltán Czigány's tale re-creates the eternal pair, which parents might recognize as the Lolka and Bolka combo from their generation, or grandparents as the Stan and Pan duo from their own. 

Running time: 1 hour with no intermission

Mácsai Pál
Fekete Ádám
Asszisztens, súgó
Horváth Éva
Sós Eszter