Azt meséld el, Pista!

Azt meséld el, Pista!

István Örkény about his own life
Edited from the texts of the author by Géza Bereményi and Pál Mácsai
Date of presentation: 2001.11.06.


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I was a beautiful baby. After bathing me the midwife tore me off my mom’s breasts and ran out to the yard shouting: “What a beautiful boy!” Sometimes I think that wasmy only spotless success.
István Örkény


Performed over 500 times in Hungary and abroad the show is an hommage to the great Hungarian master of the absurd.


Transferred to Örkény Theatre in 2004


Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission

Sós Eszter
Szabó Bogdán

When do we play?

2020. December 26. Saturday
20:00 | Színpad
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