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by Csaba Mikó



MOTHER Éva Kerekes
 TOMI Zsolt Nagy
 DODA Réka Tenki 
 LACI Csaba Polgár
FESZTER Nóra Diána Takács
SIMON Márton Patkós 


Set designer: Lőrinc Boros                                                                           

Costume designer: Izsák Lili    

Assistant to the Costume designer: Mária Glaser                                                     

Video: Géza Szöllősi, Ákos Bánki                                                   

Dramaturg: Barbara Ari-Nagy                                                                                                

Music: Árpád Kákonyi

Ligthing  designer: Richárd Kehi

Sound designer: Zoltán Halmen, Márk Bartha

Stage scenery: István Krisztiáni

Assistants: Anna Bozsoky-Nagy, Panni Puskás

Technical assistant: Csilla Bereczki

Prompter: Éva Horváth

Stage manager: Zsolt Mózer

Assistant to the director: Ariadne Érdi

Director: Ildikó Gáspár

'77– Tomi

'80– Doda

'81– Laci

'83– Josa

'86– Feszter

'87– Simon

“We live in a four-room house with a large garden — this is our kingdom, our REALM, as my father always says. “Father’s so funny, constantly smiling, and he always has serious plans. He’s always saying how now it’s finally possible. ‘There’s a future! There’s freedom! You’ve just got to want it, and you can achieve anything, son, anything!’ And I believe him. I love my father.”

In 2013 the play won the Best Hungarian Play Award.

The peformance runs in two parts, duration: ca. 2 hours 30 mins

Supported by:

National Cultural Fund

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Ministry of Human Capacities
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The trailer was created  by: István Balázs Balázs and Ákos Badits 


"Under Ildikó Gáspár’s direction, Csaba Mikó’s family tale Fatherless  is a clever and complex parlour game. In the course of the scenes, which cover many years, sights, sounds and the actors playing and plotting constantly change, but ultimately remain the same. It’s an old game, which makes everyone nostalgic; although, mid-way through, the players naturally have a mighty row over it.
What is unique, though not completely surprising, about Fatherless is how its topic, stories and figures are so familiar and close-to-home. We not only identify with its humanity and timelessness; the play seems to be precisely about us – not just a small educated circle, but the middle class, taken in a much larger sense. It is a class of adults raised under Communism only to enter a supposedly free world. Their process of growing up breaks down roughly at the same time as the ardently desired capitalism. Mikó’s drama follows this arc, demonstrating, through six individual fates, the trauma and disillusionment of becoming an adult."

Panna Adorjáni, Szíház.net


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