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Örkény Theatre is a youthful ensemble of 25 actors in the heart of Budapest. It was established in 2004 after 3 years of preparation while forming the prosaic identity the company is still known for today.

Surprisingly quickly, basically in two years, the Örkény Theatre has found a new and faithful audience for contemporary productions, as well as new and courageous stagings of classical plays. An important part of the repertory is mounting plays that reflect social problems, and these plays vary from ancient Greek tragedies to contemporary foreign avantgarde pieces. The theatre considers its audience a partner and places special emphasis on daring experimentation. The appreciative response is demonstrated in the high ticket sales.

New hungarian plays also broaden the repertoire of this theatre. Recent international tours have included the Nitra Festival, the Sibiu Festival, the Seoul Performing Arts Festival, the Subotica Festival, the Reflex International Festival and the TACT Festival, Tokyo.

Since the opening of the theater we have been working with the same creative staff: László Bagossy, one of the most exciting artists of his generation, who regularly works abroad in Stuttgart and Vilnius; Csaba Polgár, one of our leading actors who is also a well-known director often directing in Munich and Regensburg; and Ildikó Gáspár, former dramaturge of our theatre who became a director in the last few years; as well as naturally Pál Mácsai, the founding director of the theatre.

Returning directors include Tamás Ascher, former artistic director of the legendary Kaposvár Theatre and co-founder and director-in-residence of the highly acclaimed Katona József Theatre; János Mohácsi, key figure of the Hungarian theatre scene, furthermore Sándor Zsótér and Balázs Kovalik, independent directors.

Our ensemble has not really changed in its 13 years. It was originally formed by 16 actors and currently has 25, including multiple young artists who recently joined. With one of the best ensembles, brilliant new translations and adaptations by leading playwrights, the Örkény Theatre has established itself as one of Budapest’s leading city theatres with a broadening international reputation. Our performances do however rely on the audience’s imagination and engagement based on the small size of our stages. Thanks to the integrative, innovative, and
sensitive artistic work during the past decade, Örkény Theatre has been rewarded with around seventy festival and critics’prizes so far.